Online Learning
A Huge Evolutionary Leap

Practical Solutions

We are committed to providing practical, workable online learning solutions to meet your corporate training requirements. We don’t offer spectacular technological or media solution that is going to sap your training budget. Our focus is more bang for each buck and we would be working hard to squeeze every training output out of your budget.

One Stop Solution

We are the experts in online learning solutions. We will meet all your corporate training needs, be it building new eLearning with modern sensibilities or maintaining and updating legacy courses or working with you to design a fresh curriculum, PedaSys is the stop for all your needs.

Training Management & Administration

PedaSys has people with expertise in training administration and management. We can help you with consulting and co-ordinating from choosing your LMS to implementing new training programmes and using modern methodologies to make it more relevant to your needs. Come to us and you’ll never look back.

About Us

PedaSys is not an eLearning company. We are cognitive evolution company. An eLearning services company based out of India. We have been operational since September 2018 and have been developing and delivering services such as eLearning, Corporate Training Strategies, IT Training Consulting, and platform development and implementation. As an organization, we believe that learning is evolving and that we’re not just training, but helping people evolve.