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PedaSys is an EdTech company based in India. Set up and run by professionals with deep experience in eLearning, we help develop learning content, learning platform implementation and maintenance, and help transform overall digital learning sphere in your organization.

Custom eLearning
Every organisation has its own proprietary products, services or technologies that require exclusive training design. At PedaSys, we speciliase in building and deploying such customised training requirements. We have tools to explore and recognise your unique products or services, identify training goals and come up with training solutions that matches those goals.
Mobile & Desktop Learning Solutions
Today, it is impossible to design any training need that does not factor in mobile-based learning. We consume a lot of content on mobile and professional training is just one part of that. In fact, these days, training developers don’t just ‘factor in’ mobile. They design their training with mobile as the primary consumption medium. This strategy, popularly called ‘Mobile-First Design’, occupies the central place at PedaSys. We design our training solutions for Mobile first and then strive to make it work on the desktops. That is future proofed.

The Prodigious eLearning Courses for you

Promoting Good Education since the very beginning

We believe in Cognitive Evolution, which succeeded the genetic evolution, and made us the lords of the planet. It is important that we recognise this, because without training and learning, and passing on one’s learning to the next generation, we wouldn’t have been where we are.
Based in India and set up by professionals with deep experience in eLearning, IT training, curriculum development, and retail training, we provide custom, blended learning solutions with key focus on cost and time efficiency in our solutions.

As part of our learning enablement, PedaSys offers the following services:

  • eLearning Development
  • LMS Platforms and Services
  • L&D Consulting
  • ID Consulting and Digital Transformation
  • Translation