Know why

Learning is evolving. We were semi-human for millions of years and been hunter-gatherers and foragers for hundreds of thousands of years. Out of nowhere, we became self-aware and began to build tools and upgrade our lives. Experts attribute human history to two key phases, genetic evolution, and cognitive evolution. All creatures evolve genetically, but when Sapiens began to evolve genetically, the growth has been spectacular.
We all know Genetic Evolution, but what is Cognitive Evolution? It is associated with learning and teaching. Humans learn new things, new tools, newer and more efficient ways of doing things and organising our lives. And we teach the same to our offspring and our tribal groups. Without learning and teaching, homo sapiens would not be where we are, the Lords of the Planet. What started as the oral tradition of teaching to own tribes has now spanned the entire globe.
PedaSys recognises that although all creatures learn and even teach a little bit, documenting training and creating human-independent training has been a beautifully unique quality of humans.
We have named our company PedaSys, stands for Pedagogic Systems, aptly so, as we want to take this evolutionary journey forward and accelerate it as much as possible within our lifespan.
PedaSys is founded by professionals with deep experience in eLearning, IT training, curriculum development, and retail training. But they are passionate about continuing and accelerating the cognitive evolution. That drives the core philosophy of PedaSys.